400TH GIV/GIV-SP Rolls Off The Savannah Assembly Line; 100th GV To Follow In 60 Days

400TH GIV/GIV-SP Rolls Off The Savannah Assembly Line; 100th GV To Follow In 60 Days
400TH GIV/GIV-SP and 100th GV Will Be Delivered to Asian Customers

Asian Aerospace, Singapore, February 22, 2000 - Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), announces that the 400th Gulfstream IV aircraft rolled off the production line earlier this month at its manufacturing facility in Savannah, Georgia. The legendary Gulfstream IV continues to be the world's best-selling large-cabin, long-range aircraft.

The 400th GIV was delivered to an Asian customer. The aircraft will be completed at Gulfstream's Dallas facility and is expected to be in service by November of this year.

"No Gulfstream has ever experienced the level of customer demand - nearly twice any previous model - as the Gulfstream IV," said Joe Walker, Gulfstream's senior vice president sales and marketing. "Today's GIV-SP is the best long-range aircraft on the market. For Asian-based customers, the GIV-SP allows non-stop travel between all of the regional capitals."

Gulfstream holds nearly 60 percent of the market for large-cabin business jets in Asia. The GIV/GIV-SP fleet has accumulated more than 1.1 million hours of flight time and boasts an impressive dispatch reliability rate of 99.7 percent. The GIV/IV-SP also holds 74 world and national flight records.

Since the Gulfstream IV was introduced in 1985, Gulfstream's focus on continuous technology improvements has consistently set the standard for value, performance, safety and reliability in the business aircraft industry. Those advancements include being the first business aircraft to feature an all-glass cockpit and incorporating a simple, high-lift wing that does not require leading edge devices. The GIV also was designed with rugged Rolls-Royce powerplants that make the GIV among the most reliable business aircraft in the world. These improvements on the GIV fleet are responsible for the wide performance margins and superior handling characteristics that have been the hallmark of Gulfstream aircraft.

As a testimony to the Gulfstream IV's robust design, the first GIV produced remains in everyday service with Skybird Aviation based in Van Nuys, California.

"Skybird Aviation has operated as a jet charter company for 24 years, with many makes and models of aircraft. We received delivery of the first Gulfstream IV ever built and have been operating it for 12 years with only one canceled flight due to mechanical interruption," said Norm Anderson, director of operations for Skybird Aviation.

"By anyone's standard, the Gulfstream IV has a proven track record for being the most reliable aircraft in the sky. This reputation for reliability is what has made us a great charter company," continued Anderson. "The Gulfstream IV is so widely accepted in the industry, that flying anything else is just not acceptable."

The Gulfstream IV-SP flies at 45,000 feet, high above commercial airline traffic, maintains a constant 6,500 foot cabin pressure and 100 percent fresh air environmental control system to maximize passenger comfort. These advancements have made the GIV the workhorse of business aviation. Over 80 Fortune 500 companies use the GIV to meet extensive and diverse corporate travel needs.

The Gulfstream IV and Gulfstream IV-SP are also the number one choice among business aircraft for government and special mission requirements worldwide. There are currently 50 GIV/IV-SPs aircraft in operation by 19 governments and military units. The GIV's performance and reliability allow it to serve in a variety of special mission roles, including electronic intelligence gathering, multi purpose, aerial surveillance, medical evacuation and weather research.

Gulfstream V

Another Gulfstream milestone will take place within 60 days when the 100th GV aircraft, designated for an Asian customer, rolls off the production line. The Gulfstream V is the world's first ultra-long range, large-cabin business jet. Capable of flying 6,500 nautical miles at speeds of Mach .885 and cruise at altitudes up to 51,000 feet, the Gulfstream V offers significant technical advancements consistent with the rigorous demands of intercontinental missions. With an innovative aerodynamic design, an all-new wing design and twin BMW Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines, Gulfstream has proven once again that it is the leader in technology.

The Gulfstream V is the only ultra-long range aircraft that allows passengers to enjoy a maximum cabin altitude of 6,000 feet and a 100-percent fresh air ventilation system. This feature makes it particularly well suited for many government special mission applications and VIP transport requirements. There are currently 73 GV aircraft in service worldwide. The fleet has already achieved a notable 39,000 flight hours.


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