Gulfstream Aerospace Delivers GIV-MPA With Rapid-Change Interior To Japanese Air Self Defense Force

Gulfstream Aerospace Delivers GIV-MPA With Rapid-Change Interior To Japanese Air Self Defense Force
Multi-Purpose Aircraft (MPA) Interior Reconfigures in One Hour

Asian Aerospace, Singapore, February 21, 2000 - Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), has delivered a fifth Gulfstream IV-MPA (multi-purpose version of the Gulfstream IV-SP aircraft) to the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). The aircraft, designated the U-4 in Japan, is equipped with a multi-mission, rapid-change interior for a variety of roles.

"The JASDF Gulfstream IV-SP interior can be converted to one of three different mission configurations in an hour," said Monroe "Buddy" Sams, Gulfstream's vice president, government sales and marketing. "Passenger, high-priority cargo and medical evacuation interiors provide the JASDF with an extremely versatile, multi-mission aircraft."

The JASDF GIV-MPA also is equipped with a special five foot by six-foot cargo door to meet the medical evacuation requirements of the Japanese Defense Agency.

"The cargo-door equipped GIV-MPA adds significant flexibility to an already multi-purpose aircraft," said Sams. "Five similarly outfitted cargo-door aircraft are in operation by the U.S. government as C-20Gs."

In addition to the C-20Gs, the U.S. government operates an extensive fleet of other C-20 aircraft, based on the Gulfstream III and Gulfstream IV, in a variety of VIP and special mission roles. Approximately 50 Gulfstream IV and IV-SP's are in service with over 19 governments worldwide.

The Gulfstream IV-SP is widely used for special mission applications ranging from high-speed passenger/cargo transport, surveillance and signal intelligence, maritime patrol, medical evacuation and weather tracking. The aircraft has a 4,220 nautical mile range, cruising altitudes up to 45,000 feet, and a cabin environment that includes a 6,500 foot maximum cabin altitude and 100 percent fresh air.

"The market for Gulfstream special mission aircraft continues to expand worldwide. With their range, extra performance margins, rugged design and reliability, Gulfstream aircraft are the most capable and cost effective business-jet-based special missions aircraft in the world," said Sams.


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