Gulfstream Celebrates The 100th GV and 400th GIV To Roll Off The Savannah Assembly Line

Gulfstream Celebrates The 100th GV and 400th GIV To Roll Off The Savannah Assembly Line
Gulfstream Vs and IV-SPs are Being Completed On Time and in Record Numbers

Savannah, GA, April 25, 2000 -- Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), celebrates today the 100th Gulfstream V and 400th Gulfstream IV aircraft to roll off the production line in Savannah, Georgia. With 79 Gulfstream V's already in customer service and a combined backlog of $3.5 billion for the GV and GIV-SP, Gulfstream aircraft continue to be the world's best-selling large-cabin, long- and ultra-long-range business aircraft.

"Today's celebration is a testimony to the excellence of our aircraft and the professionalism of the people who produce them," said Bill Boisture, Gulfstream president and chief operating officer. "Over the forty-two year history of our company, Gulfstream aircraft have earned the reputation as the world standard for safety, reliability, technical superiority, comfort and performance in the large-cabin, long-range market."

Gulfstream is focused on providing the highest levels of quality, service and customer support for its aircraft. Marking its fourth year in customer service, the Gulfstream V is demonstrating exceptional performance in the hands of operators all over the world.

"The market has made a clear choice in favor of the Gulfstream V in the ultra-long-range, large-cabin class of business aircraft," Boisture said. "The Gulfstream V has met and often exceeded every goal we had for the program when it was launched."

With two of the aircraft achieving over 2,000 flight hours in customer service and 25 with over 500 flight hours, the Gulfstream V is demonstrating an outstanding reliability figure of 99 percent. Its day-to-day availability is also the best in its class. The delivery into completions of the 100th Gulfstream V marks another significant milestone in this remarkable program.

"People who are serious about performance, reliability and service in ultra-long range travel are choosing the Gulfstream V," Bryan Moss, Gulfstream vice chairman, said. "It is truly the market winner. Gulfstream V production is running smoothly and completions are on track. These are very good times for Gulfstream and the GV program."

The Gulfstream V is the world's first ultra-long range, large-cabin business jet and is capable of flying 6,500 nautical miles at speeds up to Mach .885 and cruise at altitudes up to 51,000 feet. Powered by two Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines, the Gulfstream V is the only ultra-long range aircraft that allows passengers to enjoy a maximum cabin altitude of 6,000 feet and a 100-percent fresh air ventilation system. The Gulfstream V has set a total of 65 official world and national records for distance and speed. The fleet of 79 GV aircraft in service worldwide has already achieved a notable 45,000 flight hours.

In addition to the Gulfstream V, the company also symbolically rolled out the 400th Gulfstream IV. The actual 400th Gulfstream IV aircraft rolled off the production line in February and was delivered to Gulfstream's Dallas facility for completion. That aircraft is expected to be in service late this year.

The legendary Gulfstream IV continues to be the world's best-selling large-cabin, long-range aircraft. The GIV/GIV-SP fleet has accumulated more than 1.2 million hours of flight time and boasts an impressive dispatch reliability rate of 99.6 percent. The GIV/IV-SP also holds 74 world and national flight records.

Since the Gulfstream IV was introduced in 1985, Gulfstream has focused on continuous technology improvements. Those advancements include being the first business aircraft to feature an all-glass cockpit and incorporating a simple, high-lift wing that does not require leading edge devices. The GIV also was designed with rugged Rolls-Royce Tay powerplants that make the GIV among the most reliable business aircraft in the world. These improvements on the GIV fleet are responsible for the wide performance margins and superior handling characteristics that have been the hallmark of Gulfstream aircraft.

"The GIV's proven advanced technology continues to provide exceptional customer value with its dispatch reliability, increased safety and decreasing operating costs," Moss said. "The Gulfstream IV's success is reflected by its continued strong sales and its record of reliable service around the world."

The Gulfstream IV-SP flies at 45,000 feet, high above commercial airline traffic, maintains a constant 6,500 foot cabin pressure and 100 percent fresh air environmental control system to maximize passenger comfort. These advancements have made the GIV the workhorse of business aviation. Over 80 Fortune 500 companies use the GIV to meet extensive and diverse corporate travel needs.

The Gulfstream V, Gulfstream IV and IV-SP are also the number one choices among business aircraft for government and special mission requirements worldwide. There are currently 57 GV/GIV/IV-SPs aircraft in operation by 34 governments and military units. Gulfstream aircraft performance and reliability allow it to serve in a variety of special mission roles, including electronic intelligence gathering, multi purpose, aerial surveillance, medical evacuation and weather research.


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