Gulfstream Launches The New Gulfstream V-SP


GV-SP to Offer Greater Performance, A Fourth Seating Area and PlaneViewTM, the Most Advanced Cockpit in the Industry

NBAA, New Orleans, Oct. 9, 2000 -- Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation announces the launch of the next-generation Gulfstream, the GV-SP. The GV-SP will further enhance Gulfstream's leadership in the large-cabin, ultra-long-range business aircraft market. The aircraft will offer greater range, the largest cabin area in this class, additional baggage volume, a greater weight allowance and the most advanced avionics suite in the industry.

"The Gulfstream V-SP is the next generation of the most advanced business aircraft ever built," said Bill Boisture, Gulfstream's president and chief operating officer. "We are introducing useful technology into the GV-SP that will ensure its continued leadership in the ultra-long-range marketplace. This aircraft is destined to become the next great aircraft from Gulfstream."

First flight of the GV-SP is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2001, followed by Federal Aviation Administration certification and Joint Aviation Authorities verification a year later. The first customer delivery is planned for 2003.

"It is time to take the GV to the next level," Boisture said. "As with the GIV-SP enhancement to the original GIV, Gulfstream has a legacy of introducing technology into its aircraft to ensure market leadership."

The Gulfstream V-SP cockpit will offer a group of advancements, named PlaneViewTM, to enhance the safety and reliability of the aircraft. The PlaneView cockpit suite is a series of integrated features that include a Honeywell visual guidance system (HUD), Gulfstream's revolutionary Enhanced Vision System (EVS), Gulfstream's signature cursor control device and Honeywell's Primus EpicTM flight instrumentation suite as standard equipment.

The EVS is a pioneering system that produces an infrared image displayed on the pilot's visual guidance system head-up display. The system will greatly enhance the safety and utility of Gulfstream aircraft during landing in poor weather and in avoiding terrain in low visibility conditions.

Four 14-inch liquid crystal displays which replace the six cathode ray tubes used in existing GVs, are the most visually dramatic addition to the cockpit. The large, multi-function displays provide an extraordinary variety of information to the pilot including: uplinked satellite weather, graphical flight planning and radio tuning, moving map displays with terrain and territorial boundaries, airport symbols, runway orientation, and departure and approach procedures. The displays are menu driven and directed by a sidemounted, cursor control device. The new, low-voltage displays will increase reliability by over 30 percent.

"Gulfstream is at the leading edge of cockpit technology, crew awareness and safety with PlaneView," Pres Henne, Gulfstream's senior vice president of programs, said. "The ability to merge satellite weather, territorial borders and terrain, for example, in real time, is unprecedented. Combined with EVS and the other improvements we have made, the GV-SP will be the most well-equipped, safest aircraft in business aviation."

The modular design of the avionics also results in a significantly smaller and lighter system. The reduction in the number of avionics boxes increases usable cabin volume for greater outfitting flexibility and adds room for an additional oval window that provides greater natural light in the cabin. The cabin also has been redesigned to provide a 25% increase in baggage area volume.

"The enlarged cabin area provides a fourth living area in the cabin of the GV-SP making it the largest passenger cabin in this class," Joe Walker, senior vice president of worldwide sales, said. "Rather than a 12-passenger interior in a typical GV configuration, customers may choose to seat 16 comfortably in the GV-SP and berth up to eight. This is a tremendous advantage for the GV-SP over the competition and we can offer the aircraft at the same price point."

The Gulfstream V-SP will provide a range of 6,750 nautical miles, a 250-mile improvement over the current GV. The range improvement provides extra margin not only on ultra-long range flights, but also on shorter-range, higher-speed routes. The GV-SP will be capable of flying 5,000 nautical mile trips at a rapid .87 Mach - a 400-mile advantage -- and 6,000 nautical mile legs at .85 Mach - a 300-mile enhancement. Performance improvements are the result of greater efficiency of the Rolls-Royce BR-710 engines, airframe drag reduction and a reduction in the aircraft's empty weight.

"The GV-SP performance advantage guarantees non-stop flights between New York and Tokyo, fully-equipped with eight passengers, even with 100% headwinds," said Henne. "In addition to the significant increase in range, the GV-SP will deliver field performance improvements that provide greater airport access by reducing takeoff distances. The GV-SP also is being designed for improved dispatch reliability."


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