Gulfstream Marks Record Sales In Europe, Middle East And Africa

Gulfstream Marks Record Sales In Europe, Middle East And Africa

Farnborough, U.K., July 24, 2000 -- Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), announces record sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nine Gulfstream aircraft have been sold in these regions in the past six months. The aircraft, seven Gulfstream IV-SPs and two Gulfstream Vs, will be custom outfitted by Gulfstream over the next several months and enter customer service shortly thereafter.

"These sales reflect the strength of the Gulfstream brand worldwide," said Joe Walker, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Gulfstream. "Our sales force is focused on showing our customers that Gulfstream satisfies their government and business flying needs with quality products and services."

Earlier this year, Gulfstream relocated its international sales office from London to offices in Farnborough, England to better meet customer needs. This office is led by Ernest Edwards, vice president, international sales, who is responsible for the development and management of the company's international sales efforts.

Gulfstream recently delivered two special mission aircraft, a Gulfstream IV-SP and Gulfstream V, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These aircraft will be used for Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA) medevac transportation and worldwide airlift for government officials.

"With this important special missions delivery, sales activities in the Middle East continue to increase," said Joe Walker, senior vice president of worldwide sales for Gulfstream. "Gulfstream has achieved a 63 percent market share in the Middle East, with 32 Gulfstream aircraft in Saudi Arabia alone. Additionally, we maintain a strong presence through our Cairo sales office and a network of Authorized Service & Warranty Centers in the region."

In a delivery ceremony in Savannah, Ga., on May 15, 2000, Brig. Gen. Mohammed Y. Al-Shablan, director of Medevac Aeromedical Evacuation, accepted the new Gulfstream IV-SP from Bryan Moss, vice chairman for Gulfstream on behalf of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just prior to the Farnborough Air Show, they accepted their first outfitted Gulfstream V.

"The new Gulfstream V medical evacuation aircraft will be able to fly to North America nonstop. Our current aircraft requires several stops before it reaches the United States," said Brig. Gen. Mohamed Al Shablan. "The Gulfstream V aircraft is a new aircraft in the field of Aeromedical Evacuation all over the world."

The Gulfstream IV-SP and the Gulfstream V have large cabins, world-record performance and exceptional range capabilities beyond those of any aircraft in their classes. They are both versatile enough to handle the duties of the most demanding operational support missions. In the medevac role, Gulfstream aircraft achieve higher speeds which facilitate an expeditious mission, while low cabin altitudes and 100 percent fresh air in the cabin help ensure the well-being of the patient. Medevac configurations can be arranged to carry several litters for mass casualty evacuation; an intensive care configuration with specialized patient equipment; articulating medical beds; or be equipped with full surgical facilities for critically ill patients. Working closely with suppliers, Gulfstream developed an air transportable patient loading system to enhance patient care during the loading and unloading process. This medevac interior can also be quickly converted to VIP transport with the medical beds being replaced with VIP divans.

The Gulfstream IV-SP flies at 45,000 feet, high above commercial traffic, maintains a constant 6,500 foot cabin pressure, and provides 100 percent fresh air in the cabin to maximize cabin comfort. To date, the Gulfstream IV fleet has accumulated nearly 1.3 million hours of flight time and boasts an impressive dispatch reliability rate of 99.5 percent. The GIV/IV-SP holds 74 world and national records.

The Gulfstream IV-SP is also widely used for special mission purposes. Approximately 50 Gulfstream IVs and IV-SPs are in-service with 19 governments worldwide. Gulfstream aircraft have been outfitted for a variety of special mission applications including Electronic Intelligence, Maritime and Border Patrol, Airways Navigation Verification, Logistics Support, Photo-Reconnaissance, Medical Evacuation, and VIP transport.

Every day the Gulfstream V fleet demonstrates superior performance operations and unrivaled leadership in range, speed, safety, reliability, comfort, and versatility. To date, the Gulfstream V has set a total of 65 world and national records for distance and speed. Capable of flying 6,500 nautical miles and at speeds up to Mach .885 with eight passengers and a crew of four and cruising at altitudes up to 51,000 feet, the Gulfstream V clearly outperforms the nearest competition. Recently, the Gulfstream V increased its dispatch reliability to 99 percent.

The Gulfstream V's design and performance are a perfect match for airborne reconnaissance, VIP and special mission programs around the world. The Gulfstream V offers a high-operational-altitude capability to 51,000 feet; long-range and high endurance for optimum mission flexibility; and the flexibility and design margins to permit significant growth for future mission systems. Its reliability, maintainability, and performance have been verified during four years in a variety of uses.


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