FAA-Approved Data Link Unit Provides Lower Cost, Redundancy In Remote Coverage Areas
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SAVANNAH, Georgia, August 25, 2016 — Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced it has earned approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to upgrade Gulfstream GIV and GV aircraft with Future Air Navigation System (FANS) over Iridium (FOI) using the TrueNorth Simphonē FANS 1/A+ Data Link Unit (DLU). Once installed, the stand-alone unit enables data connectivity over the Iridium satellite communications (SATCOM) network, allowing for FANS communication in remote coverage areas.

“This is a cost-effective, compact and lightweight FANS 1/A+ data link solution that enhances aircraft operations and safety in congested airspace by providing Iridium connectivity and the reliable, truly worldwide communication that comes with that network,” said Derek Zimmerman, president, Gulfstream Product Support. “This system operates as the sole data link service on aircraft without FANS 1/A+-compatible Inmarsat SATCOM installed. On aircraft already fitted with FANS 1/A+-compatible Inmarsat SATCOM, the system functions as a backup data link solution, greatly increasing dispatch reliability because of the redundancy provided.”

Operational mandates require FANS 1/A+ for the most wind-efficient North Atlantic Ocean (NAT) flight tracks. After Jan. 30, 2020, aircraft without FANS 1/A+ will not be permitted to operate in NAT region above 28,000 feet/8,534 meters.

The Gulfstream FOI DLU solution may be incorporated as part of the initial FANS 1/A+ installation or as a follow-on fitment.

The TrueNorth Simphonē FANS-1/A+ DLU and accompanying fuselage-mounted antenna can be installed at any of Gulfstream’s U.S. service centers, which are located in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia; West Palm Beach, Florida; Westfield, Massachusetts; Appleton, Wisconsin; Dallas; Las Vegas; and Long Beach, California.


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