Gulfstream To Offer EC-37A For Emerging Worldwide Special Mission Markets

Gulfstream To Offer EC-37A For Emerging Worldwide Special Mission Markets

Farnborough, U.K., July 22, 2000 -- Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), is proposing a Gulfstream V-based solution to meet future world airborne combat support aircraft requirements. The concept for the new multi-mission platform has been presented initially to the U.S. government for consideration.

The Gulfstream V, the world's first ultra-long range business aircraft, is currently capturing a growing world market for government and special mission aircraft. Gulfstream has delivered five Gulfstream Vs to the U.S. government and three to the government of Kuwait. It has also delivered the first special mission Gulfstream V for medical evacuation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The EC-37A airborne combat support aircraft will expand the government and military market for the Gulfstream V. The aircraft offers improved mission productivity and system miniaturization, and incurs one-tenth the direct operating costs of older aircraft currently being used as airborne surveillance platforms by the United States.

"The EC-37A represents a lower-cost, next generation of multi-mission, combat support aircraft," said Monroe "Buddy" Sams, Gulfstream's vice president, Government Sales & Marketing. "The Gulfstream V's high altitude and extended mission endurance provide an excellent solution for peacetime, crisis and combat requirements. With the multi-mission capability built into each aircraft, we expect to see significant interest in this aircraft."

The EC-37A offers world air forces command and control, early warning, and battle management options with the flexibility to reconfigure workstations in-flight. Pod-mounted systems permit ground crews to quickly change mission payloads to mix and match capabilities.

"The EC-37A is highly adaptable, both in flight and on the ground, to excel at a variety of mission roles," Sams said.

The Gulfstream V's performance is a perfect match for airborne reconnaissance, VIP, and special mission programs. The Gulfstream V offers an exceptional operational altitude capability to 51,000 feet; long range and high endurance for optimum mission flexibility; and generous design margins to permit significant growth for future mission systems. Three years of extensive operational experience with the Gulfstream V has verified its reliability, maintainability and performance.

The Gulfstream V's ultra-long range capability ensures an extensive radius of operation and loiter time. The Gulfstream V's climb and high-speed capability offer fast reaction times. Robust construction and system redundancy allow extensive modifications and excess power for mission equipment. The Gulfstream V's short-field and autonomous operation capability provides broad mission flexibility.

The United States government, recognizing the capability and reliability of the Gulfstream V, has purchased six and taken delivery of five outfitted Gulfstream Vs, which are designated C-37As. The aircraft are assigned to the 89th Airlift Wing. Two of the aircraft are being used to provide fast, safe and reliable worldwide transportation for cabinet members, members of Congress, senior government officials and dignitaries. A third GV is operated by the Air Force for the U.S. Army and the fourth aircraft was acquired for the Department of Defense regional Commander-in-Chief (CINC) support mission. The fifth C-37A is operated by the U.S. government for disaster relief missions and the remaining aircraft, to be delivered this year, will be used for U. S. government quick-reaction missions.

Saudi Arabia has received its special mission version of the Gulfstream V for medical evacuation. The Gulfstream V is particularly well suited for medevac applications. Its high cruising speed facilitates an expeditious mission, while the low cabin altitude adds to the patient's comfort level.

Saudi Arabia also recently received a special mission Gulfstream IV-SP equipped for medical evacuation. The Gulfstream IV-SP is widely used for special mission purposes, with 50 Gulfstream IV and IV-SP's in service with governments worldwide. Gulfstream aircraft have been outfitted for a variety of special mission applications, including electronic intelligence, maritime and border patrol, airways navigation verification, logistics support, photo-reconnaissance, medical evacuation and VIP transport.


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